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We are BossLabs

We are a software consultancy built to help you transform your business and improve its efficiency by bringing it into the modern digital world. We design and develop software from scratch or work with you to bring existing software back to life.

Our Services

Start-up & MVP Development

Sometimes you need to develop a product at rapid speed and invest the smallest amount of capital in getting it off of the ground. Our internal agile practices will allow us to help you shape a product to suit you or your customer's needs. Through an iterative, agile process of A/B testing we can see what really drives your customers and develop the product that provides them with the most amount of value in the least amount of time.

Scale Up!

Our Scale Up! service is often used by our clients who are looking to take the next step in in their business. Their existing infrastructure just isn't working for them and they need some help to improve overall stability and user support. We work with you to ensure your software and infrastructure is as robust as it can be, to support the user base you need to help you grow. All while minimising costs.

Legacy Software Modernisation

Our excellent team of engineers have collected over 100 years of experience in software. We are able to offer you a consultancy based service for your products and services to help you change your approach or to offer you advice in circumstances where you may need to pivot as a business. We have extensive experience in working with legacy software and the latest technologies.

Cloud Operations

The changing world has brought us into a situation where we cannot function as a business if we cannot be connected from anywhere in the world. We offer solutions to help you take your existing software into the cloud; transforming existing legacy business software into a modern agile development environment.

Our Portfolio

industry: Intellectual Property
Search over 150 million patent documents in seconds.
industry: Pet & Pet Care
Business and time management application for dog walking businesses.
industry: Sports & Sports Betting
Real-time odds streaming service for cricket.

Where Are We?

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