Cloud Operations

The changing world has brought us into a situation where we cannot function as a business if we cannot be connected from anywhere in the world. We offer solutions to help you take your existing software into the cloud; transforming existing legacy business software into a modern agile development environment.

How the process works

Scoping Session

For all projects we will always sit down with you either remotely or in person at our Stockport Office @ Profolk. This session is both a requirements & brainstorming session to help gather the requirements of the project and help guide you in creating the most value.

Technical Investigations

Once the scoping session(s) have concluded its time for us to dig deeper into your existing systems. This may involve working with your existing technical team, understanding documentation and spending time with the existing infrastructure & codebase.

Technical Report & Proposal

At this stage we will be ready to produce a technical report which will detail our proposed changes and an in depth guide on how we plan to manage the process. This may or may not involve a rewrite of the existing legacy software which is something that can be discussed.

Technical Implementation & Support

Our final stage involves taking the existing legacy systems and either adapting them as in our proposal, or developing new software which works with your existing data structures and/or frameworks.