Scale Up!

Our Scale Up! service is often used by our clients who are looking to take the next step in in their business. Their existing infrastructure just isn't working for them and they need some help to improve overall stability and user support. We work with you to ensure your software and infrastructure is as robust as it can be, to support the user base you need to help you grow. All while minimising costs.

How the process works

Scoping Session

Our Scale up! service initially involves a meeting with our technical team either remotely or in person at our Stockport Office @ Profolk. The session is designed to understand the scalability problems you are facing and how we can work with you to help mitigate them, so you can grow as a business.

Technical Review

Once the scoping session(s) have concluded, we then take a look at your existing infrastructure so we can build a picture of any scalability issues you have, or may face in the future. This involves an in depth look at your cloud services including performance testing designed to narrow down specific bottlenecks.

Technical Report & Requirements Proposal

Once we have done our in depth review we produce you a technical report with a proposal for review.

Technical Implementation & Support

Our final phase involves the actual implementation of the changes outlined in the technical report. Plus ongoing support if required.